Peter Stöger is just five weeks in Dortmund. Now the former 1. FC Cologne coach answered the questions of Sport Bild in an extensive interview. He addressed his own contractual situation, Aubameyang, and goals.


Six months with Stöger

The Austrian’s contract with Borussia Dortmund runs only until the summer. It was clear to him and the bosses of BVB that this would turn it into a constant topic of conversation:

“We have clearly agreed to do it now for six months – with the knowledge that there will be a media debate after every game.”

Above all, Stöger sees the opportunity offered to him at BVB:

“If I am successful – but it would not go on – I would probably have good opportunities afterwards again.”

But he knows that if it doesn’t work out in a big club like BVB, people will say: “He can’ t do it”. Looking back, he is aware “that nothing can be ruled out in this business. Not even seven years ago I trained a Regionalliga club in Austria. Now I’m with BVB.”

Aubameyang and season goals

Last week, Aubameyang was dropped from the Wolfsburg squad due to a misbehavior. This decision was supported by the team according to the coach. Stöger is not thinking about short-term and personal success, but above all about the club:

“I’m here to develop a team. That’s where I make decisions that will help the club advance in the long run – even if they may not be optimal for short-term success.”

Stöger himself assumes that Aubameyang will stay. However, if he were to leave,”it would be hard to replace someone with this goalscoring quota”.
In general, Peter Stöger believes:

“The club and the team are always bigger than one person.”

At the end of the season, however, it is clear to the Austrian that a club like Borussia Dortmund must qualify for the Champions League. He believes he has the necessary quality in the squad to do this:

“Otherwise they wouldn’t be here at a top-15 club in Europe. And I demand this quality from everyone “.

A farewell at the end of the season is by no means certain for him:

“If everything fits, I’ll stay.”

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