The Aubameyang transfer is still not completed. According to information from the sports magazine kicker, the deal might burst after all.


The kicker report that Arsenal only offered €45m plus €5m bonus. Borussia Dortmund, whose initial demands were more than €70m, were anything but satisfied with this offer. The negotiations are dragging on. Borussia Dortmund is annoyed about the slow progress of the Aubameyang negotiations. Meanwhile, it can no longer be ruled out that the deal might fail.


Aubameyang’s blackmail attempts

Dortmund feels like Aubameyang wants to use his escapades as blackmail attempts. But the Borussians do not want to give in to them.


Stöger stays calm and observes

Coach Stöger tries to keep calm. He told the kicker:

“[I always have a] Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. You never know exactly what will happen in the course of a week. I have to be prepared for anything.”

The Austrian said that he would continue to observe Aubameyang. Like he does with the whole squad. In his opinion, those who are not fully committed would not be in the starting eleven and not in the squad against Freiburg. When asked about the star striker’s training performance, he replied that it was “so far ok”. However, if Aubameyang is not available, he has full confidence in his alternatives.


Giroud loan deal

The loan fee for Olivier Giroud is expected to be €1.5m.



The Bild now says that Borussia Dortmund demands €60m plus Olivier Giroud. Arsene Wenger plans with Aubameyang for the game against Swansea City.


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